Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fro-yo @ Noggi, Strathfield

The weather's been so hot for the past couple of days. Perfect for frozen yoghurt!

Strathfield seems to have become a magnet for fro-yo businesses lately. Moochi opened up sometime late last year, and recently Noggi has popped up only a few doors around the corner. I have been to both, and each has their respective merits. In my opinion, Noggi has the upper hand atmosphere-wise, and I got more of a youthful vibe from its staff and decor :D

I like in particular how everything is green and fresh-looking. The menu is placed next to a panel explaining how to assemble your own, customised fro-yo dessert.

In addition to four kinds of frozen yoghurt (original, wildberry, green tea, and biscotti) with various toppings, Noggi offers waffles served with fro-yo, smoothies, and the usual selection of espresso beverages. The fro-yo comes in various sizes, ranging from a cone (which doesn't come with toppings) to the crazy 1300g serving known as a "groupi". With the exception of the cone, all sizes come with 3 free toppings (ETA: A friend brought it to my attention that the 3 toppings are actually not free; you can either buy the fro-yo without toppings, or get it with all 3 toppings for a higher price. Thanks, S.!). The sign on the bottom right hand corner says, "Come in your high school uniform & get your toppings for free!"Is this referring to the 4th topping? I can't believe I'm even contemplating suffering the humiliation of bumping into someone I know while donning my old high school gear.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you will direct your gaze to the larger measuring cup in the picture above. That is what the 1300g "groupi" comes in. On a second visit, I saw one being prepared. I hope whoever had ordered it was planning on sharing, because that was one giant-ass bucket of fro-yo. There were three different flavours of fro-yo in the single cup, so I guess they'll let you combine flavours. I stuck with the regular size on my first visit, and chose green tea as the base. The toppings? Fresh blueberries, mochi, and Oreos.

I went with a few other fro-yo aficionados on the second trip there, and we got two regular cups. One was biscotti fro-yo with mochi, Oreo and Cocopops:

The second cup held the original flavoured froyo, with gummi bears, mochi, and fresh watermelon pieces:

Next time, I shall try the wildberry fro-yo, and report my findings! :D


2/2 Albert Road, Strathfield, 2135.

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  1. Hmm, a trip to Strathfield is in order, just to try out the froyo places =)

    1. @OohLookBel - Order the "groupi"! That's a dare xP

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