Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Tea Cosy, The Rocks

Scones, despite their haggard appearance, always makes me think of ladies in fascinators taking their tea on some English hillside. Although, I doubt real ladies eat scones the way I do - crumbs a-flyin', clotted cream behind one ear (???how did it end up there???) and jam stains down the front of my dress. Good thing I wasn't enjoying these scones with other real ladies (sorry, guys). Nah, it was just me and two of my oldest and bestest friends, popping into this little gem on a cafe (previously Tara Tea Room; now known as The Tea Cosy) on one fine, Saturday morning.

Haha, you can see the edge of my polka dot dress; my one concession to being lady-like!

My attire for the day - definitely a case of "WHAT was I thinking?!" It's okay, you're allowed to laugh; I sure did when I saw the picture. I look like I'm posing for a royal portrait! xD

Prior to immersing myself in the foodie culture, I've only ever tried scones from Bakers Delight. Not that they were bad or anything. In fact, I'm rather addicted to BD's berry and white choc, and choc mud scones. I've just never had a properly made English scone before, fresh from the oven and all fluffy and piping hot. Eager to satisfy my curiosity once and for all, I ordered the "deluxe" tea set, which came with two scones (any flavour of our choosing), clotted cream, Hank's Jam, and "bottomless drinks" (whatever and as many drinks as you want).

[Note: from looking at The Tea Cosy's website just now, it seems that the the "deluxe" tea set is no longer offered and has been replaced by other sets.]

I chose a raisin scone, a date scone, and strawberry jam.

Woah, carb overload! Being mindful that we were heading to Sweet Infinity Bakery next as a part of our own little food tour, I had half of each scone, but went big on the clotted cream and strawberry jam. In fact, each mouthful was more topping than the scone itself...just the way I like it! ;P

For my first drink, I ordered a diet coke. It was quite hot that day, I remember.

We stayed at the tea room for a pretty long time, and a second drink became necessary - an iced coffee!

Urgh, I felt so sick after taking a few sips. Nothing to do with the drink itself; my own fault for being greedy!

My friends both ordered the normal scone sets, which comes with two scones, double cream, normal (not Hank's) jam, and one beverage of choice.

Cute tea-cozy:

The scones were warm and fluffy, and with plenty of clotted cream and jam piled on top...delish!

The Tea Cosy (formerly Tara Tea Room)

33 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney.

Phone: (02) 9247 4955


Opening hours

Fridays: 10am - 4pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am - 5pm.

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  1. love the scones here! and i heart your dress!

  2. @chocolatesuze Thank you :D And I would say that these were the best scones I've tasted, were it not for my recently trying the ones from The Tea Room. Now those are some good scones xD