Friday, July 15, 2011

Cafe Next, Rozelle

This is kinda a mish-mash of a post. A little bit of food reviewing, a little bit of baking, a lot of yours truly blathering on about her favourite topic - ME! Enjoy :D

I am BACK!!! Well, "back" in the sense of returning to work on this blog. Much as I hate to admit it, this blog is a form of procrastinatory exercise for me rather than an all-consuming passion. I guess it takes a pile of uni assignments to push me into a food-blogging mood. *sigh* That really sounds terrible, does it not? Never mind. I appear to be once again "in the groove", as they say, so get ready for some rapid-fire updating!

First, though - check out how cool I look in my gear during my recent skiing trip to Perisher :D

Very pro, yes?

Anyway, two days before I left for my ski trip, two of my very good high school friends decided to hold a joint birthday brunch at the cafe Next on Darling in Balmain. The concept of brunch is a foreign one to me. I'm generally a very early riser (I often joke that I was biologically programmed to work in a bakery), and the prospect of not eating anything for the next four or five hours to save stomach space for a giant brunch is enough to send me diving for the cereal box. So the birthday brunch was a great exercise in restraint; it was helped somewhat by the knowledge that I would soon be digging into a piece of cake. This cake:

My two friends gladly took up my offer of making them a birthday cake, stating simply that they would be more than happy with anything involving chocolate and/or hazelnuts. Well, that made my job extremely easy. I went with my favourite devil's food cake recipe for the chocolate part, and made a Nutella-spiked swiss meringue buttercream. To decorate, I whipped up more buttercream and piped it into ruffles.

Pretty cross-section shot!

Okay, so the food at Next on Darling. The offerings seemed to be pretty standard brunch fare; eggs done many ways, thick slabs of toast, corn fritters, muesli, the ol' fry-up etc. Even though it was edging on noon, I couldn't go past something sweet for my first proper meal of the day. So I chose the toasted muesli with yoghurt, honey, and poached fruits. I enjoyed it, but in hindsight I wish I'd ordered something I couldn't make at home.

My fellow brunchers all had the right idea and went for the hot dishes.

Corn fritters with bacon, poached egg, mushrooms and pesto.

Grilled chorizo and tomato, with wilted spinach and poached egg on toast.

Scrambled eggs on toast.

Corn fritters, poached egg and bacon with hollandaise.

It was a huge boost to my ego that everyone wanted a piece of cake afterwards despite being absolutely stuffed :D

Next on Darling

618 Darling Street, Rozelle 2039 NSW

Phone: (02) 9555 5418

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 7am-4pm

Saturday & Sunday: 7am-5pm

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