Sunday, June 12, 2011

Maya Sweets and Indian Restaurant, Surry Hills

Only a quick post here, mostly because there's not much to write :D I don't really know much about Indian cuisine and desserts in general, so the only kind of insight I can provide when it comes to Indian Sweets is that...they taste nice. Different to what I'm used to, but nice!

I got this box of goodies from Maya Sweets on Cleveland Street of Surry Hills. There was such a variety to choose from, and I honestly wanted to try one of everything. Which probably explains why I ended up buying close to a kilo of the stuff without knowing how I was going to finish it all :D

Let it be known amongst those of you who have never tried Indian sweets that they are sweet. Like, really, really sweet. Don't rush in and take a ginormous bite like I did, because you will find yourselves grabbing at your own throats as the sugar literally explodes in your mouth and down your oesophagus. Instead, try small nibbles paired with strong, black coffee. You'll enjoy it more, methinks :D

And, just because I'm opinionated like that, I'm going to nominate a favourite even though my palate's as unrefined as a newborn's when it comes to Indian flavours. My favourite one was the yellow, spherical one (without the specks) on the far bottom, right corner. It tasted like buttery, caramel sand!

Maya Sweets and Indian Restaurant

468-472 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone: (02) 9699 8663

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  1. I love Maya Sweets - I'm convinced their masala dosai is the best in Sydney, and the desserts are the perfect finish :)

  2. @Helen (Grab Your Fork) Hi Helen! Thanks for leaving a comment (I'm having a fangirl moment here; I'm completely devoted to reading Grab Your Fork :D) I must return to Maya one day to try their savory items - your recommendations have never yet led me astray!