Friday, June 3, 2011

Meet Fresh, Chinatown

I've been staying at a friend's place in the city for the past few days, and the whole time I was there, not once did I have a craving for Meet Fresh, situated a mere minute's walk away. And then I come home and - BAM - I start thinking about the darn place 24/7, to the point where I actually contemplated buy a hunk of taro to make some taro balls myself, in order to recreate the dessert at my own humble abode.

(Of course, I would also have to make a block of ice, purchase an ice shaver, make the herbal jelly, cook the red/green beans, and prepare whatever goes into that bowl of icy goodness. In which case it'd probably be quicker to fly to Taiwan and eat at one of the Meet Fresh outlets there.)

Guess it's time to whip  out the food porn collection.


I think I may have inherited my dad's preference for chewy textures, in addition to his sweet teeth. My mother simply cannot stand anything sugary food, yet my dad would quite happily eat cake any time of the day. And myself? Well, let's just say that if I were left to my own devices, I'd probably be eating cookies and cream yoghurt for breakfast, lunch and tea. Or a bowl of the amazing taro and sweet potato balls from Meet Fresh. This was the Taro Balls Dessert No. 3, which had taro and sweet potato glutinous balls, red beans, tapioca pearls, and sweetened boiled peanuts atop a bed of shaved ice, and all drenched in some sort of sweet syrupy soup. And, you know what? It wasn't all that sweet, so even my mum would have liked it!

My friend ordered Taro Balls Dessert No. 2, which had the same glutinous balls and tapioca pealrs, in addition to green beans and sweet potato. Refreshing!

Hmm, going through my Meet Fresh 'porn' seems to make me crave it even more. I can't believe I want shaved ice this much in winter! Looks like I'd have to remedy this...and soon!

Meet Fresh, here I come :D

Meet Fresh

13 Goulburn St, Haymarket NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 8339 1031


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