Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Azuma Patisserie, Sydney CBD

Mamak is notorious for its mile-long queue around dinner time. With this in mind, a friend and I decided to pop into Azuma Patisserie, located in the Chifley Plaza near Townhall Station, for an afternoon snack before we dined a-proper at Mamak later in the evening.

We ordered a mixed berry chiffon cake to share, and a small bowl of green tea frozen yoghurt each. The berry chiffon was on special - I think it was because we went close to the closing time. Nevertheless, it was cotton soft. And not too sweet, which pleased my savoury-loving friend to no end.

Personally, I don't think of chiffon cakes as desserts. They're just too...healthy tasting. And we all know that frozen yoghurt is good for you, because it's...frozen yoghurt :D 

We joked that we needed the extra sustenance to last us the long wait in the Mamak queue, but we really were starving by the time we were seated after an hour-long wait! Guess we made the right choice to stuff our faces with cake and ice cream beforehand!

Azuma Patisserie

Ground Floor Regent Place Shopping
501 Greorge Street Sydney NSW 2000

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